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LAKELAND, FL (The Register) Monday, 22 January 2007 - ERATTA: The Register apoligises for its major typographical error below: According to the latest information, Hillary Clinton has not made any misleading or false statements about her intentions to run -either in the 2004 race last election cycle -or the 2008 presidential race this election cycle. This article, however, shall remain posted as a testament to the seriousness of making mistakes -and a reminder to all other news media to be careful to get the story right, preferably the 1st time around. Please enjoy our other articles on news, commentary, humour, science, and health. -Editor-in-Chief, Gordon W. Watts

Hillary Clinton Caught In Embarrassing Public Lie

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), caught breaking public promise made to not run for president in 2004

LAKELAND, FL (The Register) Saturday, 20 January 2007 - It has been widely reported that Hillary Rodham-Clinton, the Junior Democratic Senator from New York, announced her bid for the 2004 presidential race early this morning.

However, a less-widely known fact is that there is grumbling among some voters about her integrity. Some have claimed that her prior promise to not run for president in 2004 is clear indication of dishonesty. One message board even goes so far as to attribute the following to a the voice-over of a TV ad: “Hillary Clinton said she would not run for president over 100 times. Now she says she will. If you can't trust her on this decision can you trust her in the White House?”
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1st post, dated: 10-09-2003, 08:46 PM, by “notamom”

More curious, however, is the apparent lack of coverage of this issue in the mainstream news media. The lack of coverage was so sparse that The Register had major difficulty in confirming that she even made such a statement, however after much research, the following verification was found:

“She's said it more than 140 times – and counting – despite hints, wants, wishes and hopes that she's not running for the White House in 2004.”
* Source:
“Hillary's name filed for president” October 7, 2003, 1st sentence; By Paul M. Rodriguez © 2003 News World Communications Inc.

“Also, do you think she lied when she said she would not run when she ran for re-election?”
* Source:
1st post, not dated, by: “JohnnyRotten”

Referring to a limerick, this website reports that it is "[i]nspired by reports that Gore said he'd like to run in 2004 and would accept Hillary as his running mate, in response to which Hillary said she would not run in 2004. Since Gore seems to think he could win by running from the far left, Hillary should encourage him to pick Pelosi as his running mate so a Gore/Pelosi flameout in 2004 would make Pelosi damaged goods in 2008. --Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliSat.Com."
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“Clinton has repeatedly said she would not run for president in 2004 and that she would serve her full Senate term, which runs through 2006. But talk of a Clinton candidacy has risen to fever pitch, driven first by former President Clinton's recent comments suggesting she had not made up her mind and then by the speculation that retired Gen. Wesley Clark is entering the campaign as a stalking horse for Sen. Clinton.”
* Source:
Note: This author cites the Charlotte Observer article, "Sen. Clinton stamps out '04 White House speculation,” 09/25/03 by STEVEN THOMMA, as its source, but The Register has not been able to confirm the accuracy of this quote.

“Sen. Clinton has repeatedly said she would not run for president in 2004, but some analysts have suggested she would jump into the contest under a "draft Hillary" scenario at the Democratic convention if there's no clear front-runner for the party.”
* Source:
1st post, Thread Started on Jan 29, 2005, 9:39pm, citing as its source The World Net Daily article, “GOP sources: Rudy 'to run against Hillary',” dated, December 21, 2003. However, The Register can not confirm the accuracy of this quote.

On several occasions just above, the citations are quotes which cite other sources, which The Register is unable to verify. However, The Register staff is able to verify with near complete certainty that Hillary did make statements to the effect that she would not run in 2004 for president. At least one staff writer, editor, Gordon Watts, told The Register that he vividly remembers repeated statements attributed to Hillary that she would not run and that he heard no reports to the contrary -although Watts admits he can not recall whether he actually heard Hillary herself say such in reports.

The lack of mainstream news coverage of Sen. Clinton’s alleged dishonesty might prove to be as much a cause to take up by blogs and alternate news advocates, but Blogs continue to report on Clinton, as quoted above: “Now she says she will. If you can't trust her on this decision can you trust her in the White House?”

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